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Third quarter project

Page history last edited by Boris Ovetsky 14 years ago

Supernova Type I - The better-er type by David Cun and Lexus Ocampo

Evolution of the Sun By Grace Lam and Rina Sor

Evolution of Stars with 10-30 Solar Masses by Katie Ivanova and Artemis Rafti

Brown Dwarfs by Yuen Tai Chan

Quark Stars by Gemma Tierney

Remarkable Red Dwarfs by Kelly Tran

Cepheid by Wenbin Zhao

Magnetic Field of Stars by Peilin Zhao

RR Lyrae Stars by Luka Novak and Ivanna Subotina

Evolution of Stars Greater Than 30 Solar Masses aka Massive Stars by Nayan Walia and Katlin Luu

Discover Red Giants by Stephen Labarge and Kevin Kearney

Evolution of Stars with Low Solar Masses by Garvin Peters

Black Holess by Cassandra Santiago and Jessica Yarnall

White Dwarf by James McCarrick and Mike DeLeo

Type II Supernovae by Fatima Chaudhry and Michelle Chan

Binary Star System by Jenny Wu

Neutron Stars by Jonathan Chung and Jared Kornfield 

Something Like the Big Bang  by Marcus Volcy

Evolution of Stars with Masses between 5-10 of solar mass by Tigran Israelyan

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